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Our Background

MarVal Power provides expert analysis and advice to their commercial customers in the supply, installation and day to day management of fully certified Energy Technology solutions. With a key focus on customer service and client relationships we are always striving to find the best way for our customers to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their energy spend. At MarVal Power we work hard to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services across the island of Ireland.

LED’s and Solar PV are the unsung heroes in the electrical industry. They can offer huge energy savings (up to 80%), reduced maintenance costs, improved lighting levels, longer life spans compared to traditional solutions and control over your own energy production. Installing LED lights and Solar PV allows our customers to start making savings straight away and also give the added benefit of improved cash flows for business operations.

At Marval Power we are continually working with our manufacturers in order to design fully CE certified lighting solutions and high quality Solar PV modules that offer comprehensive warranties on all of our projects.

For our LED installations we offer seven years warranty as standard and a five year onsite warranty issued on site in the event of a luminaire fault within five years of installation. Once any project is complete we will issue a detailed warranty document with a commitment that any warranty issues are dealt with within five days.​

For our Solar PV installations the modules we offer come with a 12 year product warranty and 25 year performance warranty.   We also offer operations and maintenance contracts which include fast response times in the event of a fault in your PV system to minimise generation down time.

Our Values


We deliver solutions which are economically advantageous and up to the highest expectations of our customers and partners


We are responsible toward our natural environment and committed to tackling climate change


We commit to bring the best environmentally friendly technologies and to our business model is based on consistently offering impartial solid advice to our clients.

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