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LED Incentives/Grant

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

SEAI – Better Energy Communities (BEC) Grant

Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) Scheme

Home Energy Grant

SME Grant

Exceed Certified Grant

Lighting Support Grant

Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine

TAMS II Farming Grant

Department of Finance

Accelerated Capital Allowance Scheme

Marvel Power Brings an Incredible Range of Outdoor Lighting Solutions to Ireland Homes

LED Lighting has become one of the most energy-efficient, Eco-friendly, and the cleanest energy options that illuminate outdoor spaces. Whether it is the pathway or the patio, pond or spotlights,outdoor LED lighting solutions have become quite popular in Ireland homes. We have ample styles and designs available in outdoor LED lighting products. You can choose the best option based on where you would like to use it. Installing outdoor LED lighting brings an ample range of benefits. Marvel Power brings these benefits to you.


The major benefit of using Outdoor LED lights is the durability it offers. The lifespan of LED bulbs is around 100,000 hours. It translates into approximately 20 years of use. It gives you a long operational life due to its low output life. Its long life means a lower maintenance need.

Energy Efficiency

Are you looking for the best energy-efficient lighting solutions? If yes, Marvel Power brings the most energy-efficient LED outdoor lighting solutions to your Ireland homes. These lights are approximately 80-90 percent more energy efficient when compared with traditional lighting solutions. The latter are incandescent lights that are relatively less efficient due to the heat produced by them. This problem is not seen with LED Bulbs. When installed in large infrastructure projects like cities, railroads, and airports, its energy efficiency benefit is more noticeable. When installed in an airport, the energy efficiency of these lights is manifested in about 30 percent energy saving.

Green Energy

Outdoor LED lights are free of mercury and other toxic chemicals. Thus, it leaves no negative impact on the environment. It is a very useful option that allows individual homeowners in Ireland to reduce their carbon footprint. It is completely recyclable. Since these lights last for a long time that its traditional lighting alternatives, it saves a lot of material that goes into the production process.

High Quality

Marvel Power brings durable quality in LED lights ensuring its durability. It is a tough and very practical solution for outdoor use. These are manufactured using the highest standards of quality and are resistant to vibrations, external impacts, and shock. This light proves to be a very practical solution for construction and manufacturing sites because of its resilient nature. It can work normally without any issues in low temperatures.


LEDs, one of the best Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions is a very flexible lighting solution and can create an admirable range of light effects. It is possible to dim lights and is completely easy when it comes to controlling in color and distribution.

Low UV Emissions

The LED lights have time and again proved to be the best Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions with low infrared light and low UV emissions. It is thus a practical choice for goods and materials highly sensitive to heat sources.

Marvel Power brings the goodness of LED lights to your doorstep with a wide range of energy-efficient lighting solutions.

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