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Fully Autonomous Solar Cleaning Systems for the 21st Century.

Making clean energy cleaner

We provide expert, cleaning services to clients looking to improve the performance of their solar panels.

A car that’s well-oiled and serviced performs better and for longer. Just as we want our set of wheels free of mud, we like our windows crystal-clear as well. The way we approach solar panels should be no different. Cleaning solar panels will make sure they’re generating as much energy as possible. After time and with different types of soiling, i.e. wind, dust particles, bird fouling and rain.

This could hinder their ability to optimise the sunlight and in turn loosing their ability to turn natural sunlight into clean electricity. Once cleaned, you will see the efficiency of your solar panels increase, and hold onto more of the energy.

If your Solar Panels are on a string array, by having just one Solar Cell covered with dirt will cause an inefficiency that will affect the performance of your entire Solar Panel System. Effecting both your Green Energy Generation and return on investment. By making sure your Solar Panels are clean, your Solar Generation will always be at it’s maximum.

Short Payback periods

No maintenance cost throughout warranty

Complete LED retrofit

Removal of waste materials

Full Five year warranty

Flexible pay back terms

No project management fees

Experienced customer support

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