Grants and Incentives

There’s now more reasons than ever to take your energy leap!


At Marval, we provide a technical grant advisory service to enable you to avail of the latest and most cost effective grants and incentives available for your chosen energy technology upgrade(s).   Our experienced team can prepare and submit grant application(s) to the relevant grant body on your behalf or assist you in submitting your own grant application(s).  

The main grants and incentives currently available are administered by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and various Government Departments.  Below is a list of grants and incentives currently available. 


  LED Solar PV Battery Storage EV Chargers
SEAI Better Energy Communities (BEC)
Accelerated Capital Allowance Scheme (ACA)
TAMS II Farming Grant
Home Energy Grant
SME Grant      
Exceed Certified Grant      
Lighting Support Grant      
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