EV Charging

The Zappi device enables you to charge your electric car with surplus energy

Reduce Your Energy Costs With EV Charging

Our cost saving EV Charging Points are an excellent way to save money.

Charge Directly From Solar PV

Save Money

Go Green

How It Works

We Make It Simple!

1. Contact Marval Power

2. We carry out an energy audit and provide a proposal

3. We design & install the plant/kit

4. Energise and start saving (we maintain and warranty all products and performance)

EV Charging

EV charging from Solar PV or Grid


Using an eco-smart EV charger like Zappi allows our clients to automatically charge their Electric Vehicles from solar PV generation and/or the grid.  The device continuously and automatically responds to on-site generation and consumption in order to charge your EVs as economically and efficiently as possible.

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