Commercial Solar PV Systems

Why choose MarVal Power’s Commercial Solar PV Systems?

Switching to one of our commercial solar PV systems is a great choice for your business. Not only is it guaranteed to be kinder to your budget but to the planet too.

We help you make the transition by looking after the entire process from accessing the right grants to making sure your commercial solar pv installation runs seamlessly without any interruption.

Commercial Solar PV Panels Installation

Business costs have increased significantly over the last year.  

This has been a result of a number of different factors including limited global supplies for fuel and rising electricity prices, the increased cost of living as well as the ongoing economic climate.  

SMEs in Ireland, the UK and across the world are under extreme financial pressure from these conditions but are also responsible for making a contribution towards addressing the impact of climate change.

At MarVal Power, we are experts in commercial solar installations that are designed to bring you assurance in an uncertain world.

We plan and commission high quality solar systems that offer continuity and security for your existing and future energy supply. 

Benefits of Our Commercial Solar PV Panel Installations

You will save money, reduce your reliability on the conventional grid network and make a positive contribution to the environment.

Illustration showing the benefits of MarVal Power's solar pv panel installations

Save On Your Electricity Bills With MarVal Power’s PV Solar Panel Installations

Are you looking forward to reducing your carbon footprint, utility bills and soaring electricity prices? Check out commercial solar panel installation solutions by MarVal Power. We design, procure, and install high-end solar panel systems across Ireland.

Our cost saving PV solar panels are an excellent way to buy solar panels and save money on your energy bill in Ireland.

Create Your Own Free Electricity

Another benefit of investing in a MarVal Power solar PV system is the opportunity it gives you to generate your own solar electricity. 

Utilising the space that already exists on your roof provides both financial and environmental rewards such as:  

  • Generating electricity on-site helps to lower the overall cost of your electricity bill and thus your overheads.
  • Provides an additional source of revenue by selling what you don’t need back to the grid.
  • By using renewable energy sources such as solar you are reducing your carbon footprint.  This, in turn, helps with your sustainability credentials and gives you access to further business support.  

Supercharge Your Business Efficiency

Irrespective of the size, scale, and scope of your business or project there are plenty of ways, with our commercial solar installations, to make your business highly energy efficient. 

The roof of a commercial building, for example, is an ideal space to install solar panels.  Our high yielding installation solutions attract the maximum light and won’t intrude on your day-to-day operations.

Here it is prudent to note that commercial PV Solar panels are installed on business premises and helps significantly with optimising solar energy for the purposes of generating electricity. 

Depending on the installation size, the electricity generated from the installation makes an important contribution towards your business energy needs. 

When you buy solar panels at MarVal Power, you enjoy financial gains. The solar PV system generates electricity at approximately 9 cents per kWh rate that includes operations and maintenance costs. When compared with grid supply which is approximately 13c per unit, it is a huge financial gain.

The investment in solar PV will cover its outlay, help you enjoy green energy, reduce carbon footprint, and provides a sizable energy portion for free once the finance term completes.

We take care of the whole process for you.  We work with you to understand exactly what your energy needs are and will be.  Then, we complete and submit your grant application for funding.

Reduce your Carbon Tax

Green energy is better for you and better for the environment. In line with government policy, carbon tax will continue to rise. Through renewable solar energy you can replace over-reliance on carbon heavy sources. This will address these costs by reducing your emissions and generating a cleaner energy output.

What types of Carbon Tax are there?

In Ireland, there is a carbon tax applied to fuel.  This is calculated on the basis of the amount of carbon that this fuel emits when it is used.   There are two categories of taxation for fuel:

  • Solid fuel carbon tax (i.e. peat and coal).
  • Natural Gas Carbon Tax (i.e. gas that is supplied to consumers).
  • Mineral Oil Tax (i.e. natural gas used as fuel in a vehicle or ‘vehicle tax’).
  • Mineral Oil Tax Carbon Charge (i.e. petrol, auto-diesel and marked gas oil).
How much is carbon tax?
  • The current rate of carbon tax is €41 per tonne of carbon dioxide emitted.
  • For Mineral Oil Tax Carbon Charge, the rate is €48.50 per tonne.

In Budget 2023 however there were new rates of carbon tax introduced.  This means that Carbon Tax will rise by €7.50, from €41.00 to €48.50 per tonne.  For all fuels, except auto fuels, this will come in to effect from 1st May 2023 (Citizens Information).

There are various grants and incentives available and we know which are best suited to your business needs.  

List of PV Solar Panels Grants and Incentives

Here is a list of these supports and the relevant awarding authorities that might be of interest to you:

Awarding AuthorityScheme NameFinancial Support Available
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)Better Energy Communities (BEC) GrantUp to 25% off the capital cost of your PV installation
Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) SchemeAdditional 12.5% saving through reduced Corporation Tax Bill
Home Energy GrantUp to €3,800 grant for PV and Battery System
Department of Agriculture, Food and MarineTAMS II Farming GrantGrant of €6,000-€9,000 available for PV and Battery System.
Energy Grants and Incentives Ireland

Request your Solar Energy Needs Review and see how you can enjoy the amazing benefits of Solar PV Installation.