Brandon House Hotel Solar PV Project

Company Overview: Brandon House Hotel Solar PV Project, Wexford

MarVal Power is excited to present a case study highlighting the successful Brandon House Hotel solar PV project in New Ross, Co. Wexford.

This case study delves into the project’s details, challenges encountered, and the remarkable outcomes achieved. From energy consumption reduction to carbon emissions savings, the implementation of a Bloomberg Tier-1 solar photovoltaic (PV) project at Brandon House Hotel showcases the positive impact that renewable energy installations can have on both the environment and operational efficiency.

Brandon House Hotel, New Ross, Co. Wexford

As the world increasingly embraces the importance of sustainable practices, Brandon House Hotel, a prestigious four star establishment is determined to continue strengthening their environmental stewardship. This case study explores the details of this remarkable initiative, highlighting the hotel’s dedication to sustainability and the significant impact of solar energy on its operations and consumption.

Brandon House Hotel Solar PV Project Details

The solar PV project at Brandon House Hotel represents a significant step towards achieving sustainable and eco-friendly operations. In partnership with MarVal Power, a leading provider of renewable energy solutions, the hotel has embraced solar photovoltaic (PV) technology to revolutionize its energy consumption and reduce its carbon footprint. The project encompasses the integration of a state-of-the-art solar PV system, carefully designed to maximize energy generation and efficiency.

Addressing Unique Project Constraints

One of the outstanding aspects of this project is the successful and seamless integration of the solar PV system with the hotel’s existing infrastructure.

This required meticulous planning and implementation. Cable lines were carefully laid across the hotel’s car park area to ensure seamless connectivity between the rooftop solar panels and the existing distribution board. It clearly shows MarVal Power’s commitment to providing tailored and efficient solutions for all of our client.

Tailored Solar PV System Solution

A tailored solar photovoltaic (PV) system specifically for Brandon House Hotel. The objective of this was to optimised for performance and efficiency, maximised energy generation, and that it integrated easily with the hotel’s existing infrastructure.

MarVal Power and Brandon House Hotel, Wexford, Solar PV Project

These are the key steps involved in Brandon Hotel’s solar PV system:

  1. Energy Assessment and Analysis.
    • A comprehensive energy assessment of Brandon House Hotel was carried out to understand its unique energy requirements.
    • By analysing historical energy data and considering the hotel’s future energy needs, valuable insights were gathered to design a system tailored to the hotel’s specific energy profile.
  2. Rooftop Space Utilisation.
    • The experts at MarVal Power carefully evaluated the available rooftop space at Brandon House Hotel to determine the most efficient placement and orientation of the solar panels.
    • Advanced 3D modelling and simulation was used to determine the panel layout. The purpose of this is to capture maximum sunlight throughout the day and maximise energy production.
  3. Solar Panel Selection.
    • Based on the energy assessment and roof space analysis, MarVal Power selected 508 Longi 415W solar panels for the hotel. This has created an creating an impressive system with a capacity of 210 KWp.
    • These are high-performance panels sourced from Bloomberg Tier-1 manufacturers. Chosen deliberately for their efficiency and durability, the panels ensure reliable and consistent energy generation. In addition, guaranteeing quality and long-term performance.
  4. Inverter and Battery Integration.
    • To further enhance the solar PV system’s efficiency and flexibility, MarVal Power integrated high-quality inverters to convert the captured solar energy into usable electricity.
    • Additionally, the option of incorporating energy storage solutions, such as batteries, was part of this process. This is designed to store excess energy for later use during periods of low solar generation.
  5. Connectivity Transition.
    • A careful planning process was involved to facilitate proper connectivity between the solar PV system and the hotel’s existing distribution board.
    • Cable lines were strategically to enable the efficient distribution of solar-generated electricity throughout the hotel’s facilities.
  6. System Performance Optimisation.
    • The entire process and solar PV system has been thoroughly thought out to maximise energy generation.
    • Factors such as shading, panel tilt angle, and system wiring were carefully considered in order to minimise energy losses.
    • Our approach guarantees that the solar PV system operates at its highest efficiency, delivering significant energy savings.

Implementation of Brandon House Hotel Solar PV Project

Brandon House Hotel Solar PV Project Rooftop
Brandon House Hotel Solar PV Project Rooftop

The implementation and installation of the solar PV system at Brandon House Hotel involved a stringent process, working closely with Brandon House Hotel to execute the project efficiently and effectively. These included:

  1. Collaborative Planning.
    • The solar PV project began with collaborative planning sessions between MarVal Power and Brandon House Hotel.
    • The teams analysed the hotel’s energy needs, assessed the available rooftop space, and conducted a thorough site evaluation to determine the optimal design and layout of the solar PV system.
  2. System Design and Engineering.
    • Based on the site evaluation and energy requirements, MarVal Power’s team of experts designed a customized solar PV system for Brandon House Hotel.
    • The design incorporated 508 Longi 415W solar panels, chosen for their exceptional performance and reliability.
    • The engineers calculated the system capacity of 210 kWp to ensure maximum energy generation.
  3. Installation and Testing.
    • Our experienced installation team carried out the physical installation of the solar panels on the hotel’s rooftop.
    • They followed industry best practices and adhered to stringent safety protocols throughout the installation process.
    • Once the panels were in place, the system was thoroughly tested to ensure its optimal performance and compliance with industry standards.
  4. Monitoring and Maintenance.
    • Following the successful installation, MarVal Power implemented a robust monitoring system to track the solar PV system’s performance in real-time.
    • This monitoring system allows for proactive maintenance and swift identification of any issues to ensure uninterrupted energy generation.

Benefits and Results of Solar PV Project Brandon House Hotel

In addition to the substantial energy savings, this eco-friendly initiative is creating substantial environmental benefits. For example,

  • This robust solar infrastructure generates clean energy and annual electricity savings of 185.5 MWh (megawatt-hours).
  • Is responsible for nearly 14% of the hotel’s total energy consumption.
  • The annual carbon savings of over 60 tons are equivalent to planting more than 2000 trees, helping to offset greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • As a result of the solar PV system’s energy production, this is the same as eliminating over 300,000 kilometres travelled by a diesel car. This demonstrates a significant reduction in fossil fuel consumption.

These numbers highlight the positive impact of renewable energy installations like solar PV systems. They provide substantial energy savings, reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Overall, the solar PV project at Brandon House Hotel represents a significant milestone in the hospitality industry’s journey towards sustainable practices.

By embracing renewable energy solutions and reducing its carbon footprint, the hotel is setting an example for environmentally conscious guests and positioning itself as a pioneer in sustainable hospitality. The solar PV project not only delivers tangible energy savings but also reinforces the hotel’s commitment to a greener future.

The Brandon House Hotel Solar PV Project shows how the hospitality industry can embrace clean energy alternatives to power their operations. This initiative not only delivers substantial energy savings but also reinforces the hotel’s reputation as a pioneer in sustainability, appealing to environmentally conscious guests who seek eco-friendly accommodations.

Our expertise in renewable energy solutions has allowed Brandon House Hotel to build a a successful reputation in the industry. With a strong focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, MarVal Power is well-positioned to drive the adoption of clean energy technologies, working in partnership with the hospitality sector to achieve a more sustainable future.


This collaboration with MarVal Power represents our commitment to delivering exceptional hospitality while minimizing our impact on the environment.

As a guest at Brandon House Hotel, you can take pride in knowing that your stay contributes to a greener, more sustainable world.

Experience the benefits of our green approach to hospitality through the seamless integration of sustainable practices into our operations”

Greg Doyle, General Manager at Brandon House Hotel, New Ross – Co. Wexford

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