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Reduce your energy costs with Solar PV Battery Storage

Our cost-saving Solar PV battery storage is an excellent way to save money

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How It Works?

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1. Contact MarVal Power

2. We carry out an energy audit and provide a proposal

3. We design & install the plant/kit

4. Energise and start saving (we maintain and warranty all products and performance)

Battery Storage

Fronius Energy Storage

Fronius Energy Storage

Using battery storage for solar PV, our clients can store solar energy to use during peak times or after daylight hours.  Our battery solutions also allow our clients to reduce their grid reliance and save money.

MarVal Power Brings The Best Battery Storage Solutions

Solar Power Battery Storage is a device that is charged by a connected solar system and is used to reserve energy for later consumption. After sundown in Ireland, this device is activated. The demand for energy is at its peak at this time and reserved energy is used for consumption. It is also used when there is a power outage. Adding a solar PV Battery Storage device in Ireland help save on utility bills and store energy that can be consumed later.

Our aim is to enhance energy efficiency and bring a marked reduction in energy spend.

Battery Storage Product

We are continually striving to provide a fully integrated solution for energy battery storage that enables clients to change the way they use, manage, and control energy. Solar PV is installed at your homes or workplaces along with the battery storage system after conducting an energy audit and ascertaining your energy requirements.

Qualifying homes can make the most of €600 grant. Customers who wish to change the way they consume energy can make the most of our flexible payment plan and go for the setup that is going to be a great money saver for them.

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