Audi Wexford Solar PV Project

Company Overview: Audi Wexford Solar PV Project

Audi Wexford is a prominent car dealership located in Wexford, Ireland. As an authorised dealer of Audi vehicles, the company offers a wide range of luxury cars, including sedans, SUVs, and electric models.

With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and exceptional service, Audi Wexford has established itself as a trusted destination for individuals seeking premium automotive experiences.

Audi Wexford recognises the importance of sustainable practices and strives to integrate environmental responsibility into its operations. The dealership acknowledges its role in reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable mobility solutions.

Here are some of the sustainability initiatives undertaken by Audi Wexford:

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Offering

Audi Wexford promotes sustainable mobility by offering a diverse range of electric and hybrid vehicles. These models combine cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly performance, providing customers with alternatives to traditional diesel and petrol vehicles.

Energy Efficiency

Audi Wexford is continually looking for ways to improve energy efficiency in its operations. The company invests in energy-efficient lighting systems, HVAC systems, and other technologies to minimise energy consumption and reduce its environmental impact.

Project Overview

As part of the sustainability strategy, MarVal Power is proud to present the successful completion of the solar installation project for Audi Wexford.

This initiative involved the retrofitting of 120 solar panels to capitalise on clean and renewable energy sources. The solar installation project was completed in February 2023, and since then, it has made a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions, promoting sustainability, and generating substantial cost savings.

Project Benefits

Since the installation in February of this year, the project has resulted in several positive outcomes:


  • Over €2,500 reduction in electricity bills so far.
  • Achieving energy independence of 99%!

Carbon Emissions Reduction

  • 266 kg of CO2 emissions saved. This means that the solar panels have contributed to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to using traditional electricity sources.
  • The figure provided is equivalent to the emissions produced by traveling approximately 1,331 km by plane (equivalent to flying to Prague).

Environmental Impact

  • The savings in carbon emissions achieved by the project are equivalent to planting 21 trees.


MarVal Power takes great pride in the completion of the solar installation project for Audi Wexford. Their commitment to sustainability and renewable energy adoption serves as an inspiration for others, promoting environmental stewardship and a greener future. This project stands as a testament to the positive impact of solar power in advancing sustainable practices and reducing our carbon footprint.

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