Amber Petroleum Solar PV Project

Amber Petroleum

Company Background

Amber Petroleum are a group of garages, with retail and fast food outlets, based in a number of areas across Munster.

Project Brief

Due to the nature of their business Amber had very high energy consumption and significant carbon emissions.  Amber wanted to install a rooftop solar system on as much of their rooftop space as possible but they had concerns over fire safety and wanted a system with additional fire safety measures due to the installation being in a highly flammable area. 

System Design

MarVal Power  designed a rooftop solar pv system using Tier 1 panels and inverters to include Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI).  The system was installed from start to finish with zero interruptions to the day to day running of the site. 

Project Benefits

  • This individual solar energy generating system produces 174,000kWh per annum of clean electricity for Amber.
  • This will in turn is reducing their carbon emissions by 55 tonnes every year.
  • In addition, they have assurance and can manage their budgets better knowing that their electricity costs are set at €0.04/kWh.
  • As one of the largest fuel suppliers in Ireland, the implementation of one of our customised Solar PV projects continues to return substantial savings. This is the equivalent of €30,000 per annum against their energy bills.

Role of MarVal Power

  • Design.
  • Installation.
  • Commissioning.
  • Monitoring.

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